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Hello, I'm Jeff Olen

Full Stack Developer. | Ruby on Rails Programmer. | Python, PHP and Javascript Developer.

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120 Cristianitos Rd. #11201, San Clemente, CA USA

Jeff Olen

Full Stack Developer. Ruby on Rails Programmer. Python, PHP and Javascript Developer.


Ruby on Rails
Javascript / Python / PHP
Jenkins / Git / Jira
Linux DevOps

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I have been developing business software systems for more than 20 years. I spent the early part of my career working on the big IBM iron; System/36, AS400, IBM i, etc... I worked in a variety of languages including RPG, C, and PHP. I think I have developed or at least worked on every type of business application under the sun; or maybe it just feels that way? More recently, I made the switch to web apps and mobile apps and eventually games. For the past two years I have been working for a game studio in Maryland (you all know its name). First, as a contract developer for the Billing and Account Management team. Then for a little over a year now as Sr. Development Manager for the BAM team as an employee. Mostly, this role requires my design and management skills. We use Ruby/Sinatra and Ruby/Rails, javascript, PHP/Laravel and occasionally Python. Tools include Confluence, Jira, Jenkins, and Splunk. Some of the more interesting projects we've done recently include integration with Steam and with Twitch. Also, revamped/rebuilt the free trial program.

I am always looking for new and interesting projects. Maybe yours?

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Web Applications

Ever said to yourself, there must be a better way to do that? The answer is yes and I can help you build a customized solution to whatever your business needs are.


Sadly, there are many folks out there that are not professionals. If you have been left with a halfway done or badly done solution I can untangle the mess and get you back up and running.

UI/UX design

The pace of change is ever increasing and you want to make sure your solution is current and can stay current. I can design a solution with state of the user experience techniques and in line with the most up-to-date web design trends.

Clean Code

As a developer with more than 20 years experience writing code, I know firsthand the value of writing clean and maintainable code. The solutions I build are easy to maintain and easily modified when your needs change.


Leadership is a hot commodity in the workplace today. I'm not talking about developers who can divide work between other developers and check each others code; though even that is sometimes hard to find.
I'm talking about team building, personal mentoring and career growth. I'm talking about real leadership.


For over 20 years, my goal has been to build solid applications and solid relationships with my clients. My goal is to write code that needs minimal support but I am aways available to support your business.


I'm currently available for freelance work.

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